Off to Tanzania…

Fraser in dorm with his roommate, Adam

I’m finally off!  Fraser is set up in his dorm at Drexel University in Philadelphia (see photo) and I leave tonight for my extended stint at The Sega Girls School in Morogoro, Tanzania. My house is rented out through June 15, 2013 so my plan is to stay until then and possibly longer.

With this blog, I hope to chronicle my experiences living in a place so different from Berkeley and working in a young organization with a group of like-minded people who are excited about giving Tanzanian girls a good start in life. My role is organizational and business development and my activities will include working on the school’s business plan to start and operate several for-profit enterprises (poultry already going) and helping to integrate them into school life so the girls can learn entrepreneurship and other business skills.  But first I’ll need to get acclimated to no hot water and frequent power outages.  I anticipate a bit of homesickness up front so I welcome your correspondence whether by email, IM, or skype.

Kwaheri,  April


3 thoughts on “Off to Tanzania…

  1. Hi April,

    Good Luck with your new journey…. Sounds exciting and Rick and I will be following you through all your exciting experiences. I am always impressed when anyone can go out of their comfort zone and follow their passion. Enjoy every moment.


  2. Hi April ~ so great to see your work in this field! Am linking SBA’s Youth Entrepreneurship program with design thinking (Stanford College of Education and d School) and applying it to schools in Hawaii and APEC region. Looking forward to your posts, and thank you for your inspirational work, living the Princeton motto: service to the nation and all nations….

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